ESTEP's Strategic Research Agenda

A vision for the future of the steel sector

The Strategic Research Agenda (the SRA) of the European Steel Technology Platform (Vision 2030) is the outcome of a consensus among all stakeholders and expresses the ambition and the long-term vision of the whole steel sector. The SRA addresses the main RTD themes and research areas of the sector for the short-, mid- and long-term and presents a time frame for the whole sector. It includes a deployment strategy, mechanisms to mobilise private and public funding as well as a communication strategy.

The original SRA was prepared by the Support Group following and was officially endorsed by the ESTEP Steering Committee in December 2004. The SRA was updated in 2013.

Strategic Research Agenda 2nd edition - May 2013

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The original SRA is divided into two volumes:
The executive summary which gives a concise overview of each chapter of the full text
The full text

Implementing the Strategic Research Agenda

Prepared by the Support Group in 2006, the document 'From a Strategic Research Agenda to Implementation' describes the procedure being used to implement the R&D programmes of the SRA.
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