ESTEP newsletters

Horizon 2020 • Advanced materials • Energy efficiency in processes • Steelmaster

Towards Horizon 2020 • Proposals for new PPP • Reinforcing SET-Plan participation • Steel for wind energy workshop

FP recommendations • Mirror group meeting • Building up, Steelprost, Macplus approved • Technical VET programme launched

Support to recovery plan • Strong support for ULCOS II • ENEMELT and SURESTEP • WG6 roadmap

Steering committee endorse ULCOS II • Intelligent manufacturing flagship proposal • RFCS proposals approved

Zero emission platform • ETP survey • ICT and energy efficiency • EU Steel Forum • WG5 conferences

First issue of newsletter • ULCOS and the EIB • Roadmaps under development • WG4 and SAM2 conference • Steel Spring School mooted

Last updated on: 2015-08-05