ESTEP: partnering with European Technology Platforms

The widespread use of steel throughout European industry and the economy in general means that many other European Technology Platforms cooperate with ESTEP in their activities. In some cases, where intensive cooperation is called for, ESTEP Members are on other ETP Steering Committees, or take part in strategy and working groups. In other cases cooperation may be at the level of a partnership in a RTD project.
The following is a list of those ETPs with which ESTEP is working closely.

SUSCHEM: The Sustainable Chemistry ETP

TPWIND: The European Wind Energy TP

WssTP: The European Water Platform

ZEP: The Zero Emissions Platform

EUMAT: The Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies Platform

FTC: Future Textile and Clothing Platform

ETPIS: The ETP on Industrial Safety

Manufuture: The ETP on Competitive and Sustainable Manufacturing

ECTP: The European Construction Technology Platform

SMR: The Sustainable Mineral Resources Platform