ESSA started its cooperation activities right from the beginning, concentrating on central organisations and events of the European Steel Industry: e.g. European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP Focus Group People, Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Steel (SSDCS), the EUROFER Social Affairs Committee (SAC) and the cooperation with the COSME/EASME Blueprint "SteelSectorCareers".

Cooperation and communication is systematically organized at the European, sectoral, and national/regional levels. Additionally, the global cooperation reach of the project is guaranteed by world steel and IndustriALL.

Collaboration with other sectoral Blueprint projects in the frame of the European Skills Agenda is also of high importance, not only to avoid inventing the wheel new but also for a common lobbying and rollout in the respected member states. Of special interest are those in relation to the steel sector: COSME Blueprint on Steel (Steel Sector Careers), Automotive, Construction, Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency and Additive Manufacturing.


Automotive Sector Skills Alliance DRIVES: Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Educational Skills

Construction Blueprint. Skills Blueprint for the Construction Industry

Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis

Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing (SAM)

Steel sector careers

Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union
Agreement Number: 2018-3059/001-001
Project Number: 600886-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA2-SSA-B
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