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Cover ESSA Blueprint Steel Factsheet

Blueprint “New Skills Agenda Steel”: Industry-driven sustainable European Steel Skills Agenda and Strategy (ESSA)

The main objective of the project is to develop a Blueprint for a sustainable, steelindustry driven and coordinated EuropeanSteelSkillsAgenda (ESSA). The Agenda will present a strategy for meeting current and future skills demands, and pilot the development of modules and tools for building awareness and implementing new skills for a globally competitive industry. The aim is to be ready to anticipate new skills demands and to develop pro-active practical activities to meet the future requirements of the industry.




Cover D2.1 II version July 2021 

Fact sheet/WP2: Technological and Economic Development and Foresight

Digital transformation in European steel industry: state of art and future scenario

The assessment of the Technological development affecting the European Steel Industry is a progressive activity which characterizes the ESSA project throughout its duration. Starting from the results of the first version of Deliverable 2.1(2019) an updated version has been released (July 2021) to include the technological and economic developments and trends of the last two years.



Factsheet D6.2 Cover


Fact sheet/WP6: Transfer and Implementing a Sectoral European Blueprint

Deliverable 6.2 “Piloting and Implementing the Blueprint”
Blueprint Prototype: Framework for Piloting and Implementation the European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA)

Digital transformation → the key enabler directly impacting on advanced manufacturing and transversally affecting the pathway towards sustainability.
The digital transformation in the steel production → increasing the production efficiency and sustainability to reduce the industrial environmental impact, through:
• advanced tools for the optimization of the whole production chain
• enabling the implementation of green technologies for low-carbon production.
The successful implementation of new technologies strongly depends on the human perspective in a context of social innovation. (...)



Factsheet D4.1 5 cover

Fact sheet/WP4: VET Systems: Anticipating Future Requirements 

Deliverable 4.1-5 "VET in the ESSA case study countries"

VET in the ESSA case study countries
Skills mismatches are being addressed in all the case study countries through a more direct engagement of social partners (especially employers) in VET provision and in the existing feedback mechanisms. Recent reforms in all the countries have introduced, where not already established, elements of dual apprenticeship schemes, with the aim to shorten the distance between formal training and workplace-relevant skills acquired directly on the shop floor.


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