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Deliverable 4.1-5 

Steel Industry Skills Framework
The fieldwork conducted in the five European countries (DE, ES, IT, PL, UK) within WP4 - VET Requirements and Regulations / National VET Systems - was concluded in early 2021. The data collected have been used to inform the second iteration of the WP4 deliverables, which have been published on the ESSA website at the end of August 2021.

The cross-country fieldwork has helped identify a list of common skills needs (which green skills cut across), which offer an illustration of what vocational education and training systems need to deliver in order to better support the industry.



Deliverable 6.2 “Piloting and Implementing the Blueprint”*
Blueprint Prototype: Framework for Piloting and Implementation the European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA)
"Piloting and Implementing the Blueprint" explores the activities planned as part of the Blueprint implementation.

Its aim is to establish a stable and reliable governance and coordination of activities via the industry's existing structures on the European, national and regional level. This process is based on the strategy 'Prototype of the Blueprint New Skills Agenda Steel' (Deliverable D5.2) and on the already existing partnership alliance of ESSA.



Cover Newsletter 2 2021 

First survey results on skill needs and technological developments in the European Steel Industry.

In early 2021, a survey was conducted to identify first insights on current and future skills demands based on technological developments in the European steel industry. 


EESA Newsletter 2021 10 12                

A new ESSA project’s deliverable* on
Digital transformation in European steel industry: state of art and future scenario (D2.1- 2nd version)
The assessment of the Technological development affecting the European Steel Industry is a progressive activity which characterizes the ESSA project throughout its duration.



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