ESTEP at a glance

The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) brings together all the major stakeholders in the European steel industry. Our membership includes major steel manufacturers; universities and research institutions active in steel research; major users of steel such as car manufacturers; and public bodies like the European Commission and national governments – which have great interest in this vital industrial sector that is so important for Europe's future.

Creating growth and jobs

The European steel industry is a key contributor to economic growth and employment in Europe and a global leader in steel technology. It generates around EUR 200 billion in turnover and provides jobs to over 350 000 Europeans. It is also the source of millions of additional jobs in other industrial sectors that use steel – such as car manufacturing and construction. This is why it is so important to ensure that ESTEP's members maintain their global leadership and consistently improve their competitiveness.


ESTEP's mission

ESTEP’s mission aims to engage in collaborative EU actions and projects on technology, which are tackling EU challenges (notably on renewable energy, climate change (low-carbon emission), circular economy) in order to create a sustainable EU steel industry. This is namely done by disseminating results of projects, by facilitating a supportive environment for collaborative projects, by the Strategic Research Agenda and by the active network of ESTEP’s community.


Forging a vision

ESTEP's ambition is to maintain and reinforce the global leadership of the EU steel industry. This means using research and innovation to develop new products and processes that will foster competitiveness while meeting both growth and environmental targets. To achieve this ambition, ESTEP has launched a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that sets out what must be done over the coming decades. The SRA proposes three large and complementary industrial programmes that are now being implemented by ESTEP's working groups.


Compliance with competition law

ESTEP has developed the following concept to comply with competition law (§7 of the ESTEP Internal Rules). The information can be downloaded here.

§ 7     Competition Law Compliance

All members and their authorized representatives and/or other delegates shall conduct their activities within ESTEP at all times in full compliance with all applicable laws, the Articles of Association, and ESTEP’s Competition Compliance Guidelines, including the ESTEP Guidelines for Discussions in Focus Groups meetings, copies of which are attached as Annex to the Internal Rules and which might be adapted by the Board from time to time. 

All members must ensure that their authorized representatives and/or other delegates that may participate in any ESTEP activity dispose of profound knowledge of the competition laws and have undergone sound competition law compliance training. Authorized representatives and/or other delegates who do not fulfil these requirements or who otherwise by their behavior present a competition law compliance risk to ESTEP (for example the list of Don´ts in ANNEX Ia) can be excluded from any ESTEP activity.

ESTEP Secretariat ensures to properly train its staff on competition law compliance and integrate competition law compliance trainings for authorized representatives and/or other delegates of members on a regular basis in its committee work (e.g. by dedicated compliance training when several FGs have a meeting on the same day).


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