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RFCS - research Fund for Coal and Steel

ESTEP florishs close relationship with the unit for coal and steel in DG RTD. Since 2015 once a year a common steel workshop was done at the premises of the European Commission. The ESTEP community is very much invloved inthe RFCS programme not only by submission of RFCS proposals but equaly important by running and managing the RFCS programme itsself. The latter comprises the steel advisory group (SAG), the technical groups (TG) and the evaluation of RFCS proposals.

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Clean Steel Partnership

ESTEP facilitates the Private Side of the EU Clean Steel Partnership.



Economic, digital and technological developments, as well as increasing energy efficiency and environmental demands, present the European Energy Intensive Industries with many challenges including the continuous updating of the qualifications, knowledge and skill profile of its workforce. The SPIRE-SAIS project brings together stakeholders from across the SPIRE community, including Industry sector associations, Education and training providers, Research & Technology organisations, Research institutions, Regional institutions, companies and others, to enable and accelerate uptake of Industrial Symbiosis and energy efficiency by developing a comprehensive cross-sectorial blueprint for skills.

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High Level Group on Energy Intensive Industries (EII)


Pact for Skills

In March 2023, ESTEP signed the Pact for Skills[].



ESTEP is observer in the Steering Committee of EMIRI[].



ESTEP is member of A.SPIRE[], which facilitates the private side of the Horizon Europe partnership Processes4Planet.

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Cooling EU

Cooling EU is an open initiative to promote the issue of cooling. ESTEP is supporting this initiative to keep the focus of cooling EU not only on space cooling (buildings, food sectors, etc.) but also on cooling applied in the process industry.

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ECTP (the European Construction Technology Platform) and ESTEP (the European Steel Technology Platform) are delighted to announce they are launching a collaboration partnership in the context of their respective activities. ECTP is defining strategic research agendas and innovation promotion in all fields of the Construction sector, whilst ESTEP is piloting similar activities in the fields of the Steel sector: steel is obviously an essential domain of the Construction sector, and ESTEP has established a dedicated working group for Construction partners. In a first stage, the 2 platforms will achieve a mutual promotion of some of their activities and outcomes, and will deliver common information in terms of projects, partnerships, events, etc..



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