Work Packages



WP1 focusses on technological aspects including relevant boundary conditions for maturity development and industrial deployment of low carbon technologies.

Key objectives:

  • Covering the technical aspects of the project
  • Identification and aggregation of promising technologies
  • Prognosis of maturity progress with focus on demonstration
  • Assessment of barriers
  • Pathways for industrial deployment 2030 and 2050
  • Industrial commitment through intensive stakeholder engagement

eppp elements 2WP2 - INVESTMENT & FUNDING

WP2 aims to define the best approaches to blending and sequencing public and private funding sources in order to facilitate the decarbonisation of the EU steel industry.

Key objectives:

  • Detecting the relevant investment needs 
  • Identifying the EU and national, public and private funding opportunities to meet such needs
  • Proposing blending and sequencing solutions to maximize the impact of existing and forthcoming funding opportunities

eppp elements 3WP3 - IMPACT ASSESSMENT

This WP aims to recommend a number of policy options that could be implemented by the EU institutions in order to foster the decarbonisation of the steel industry.

Key objectives:

  • Identifying problems impinging on the decarbonisation of the steel industry
  • Setting the objectives of a possible EU policy intervention and defining a number of financial and non-financial policy options
  • Assessing the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of the policy options as well as their impacts on EU industrial leadership
  • Providing policy recommendations for EU policymakers


The overall objective of this WP is to ensure an adequate level of stakeholders’ engagement as well as the proper dissemination of project findings.

Key objectives:

  • Ensuring that all the direct and indirect stakeholders are identified and consulted
  • Building a strong stakeholder network to gather the data and information needed
  • Validating the findings and increase the ownership of the project results and uptake of the key recommendations
  • Communicating the added value of the project to stakeholders and to the wider public
  • Ensuring the broadest possible dissemination of the project results

eppp elements 5WP5 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

This WP aims to ascertain that the project objectives are met, and the proposed deliverables are prepared on time, within the proposed budget and by complying with high-quality standards.

Key objectives:

  • Ensuring the financial & administrative management, the smooth and successful execution of the project,  
  • Ascertain that milestones are timely met and deliverables comply with the highest quality standards
  • Adequate level of coordination with key stakeholders
  • Liaising and reporting to the European Commission






This project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement NUMBER 882151 — GREENSTEEL

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