WP1: Technology roadmapping 

  • Technology assessment and roadmapping (Deliverable 1.2) : report
  • Preliminary findings from stakeholder consultation (Deliverable 1.3) : report
  • Collection of possible decarbonisation barriers (Deliverable 1.5) : report
  • Synopsis report of consultation activities WP1 (Deliverable 1.6) : report
  • Decarbonisation pathways 2030 and 2050 (Deliverable 1.7): report

WP2 : Investment and funding 

  • Investment needs (Deliverable 2.2) : report
  • Funding opportunities to decarbonise the EU steel industry (Deliverable 2.4) : report
  • Guidelines and approaches for using funding in line with technological developments (Deliverable 2.5) : report
  • Synopsis report of consultation activities under WP2 (Deliverable 2.6) : report

WP3 : Impact assessment

  • Impact assessment (Deliverable 3.2) : report
  • Synopsis report of consultation activities under WP3 (Deliverable 3.3) : report

Executive summaries of the GreenSteel reports:

Final report:

  • Climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe: decarbonisation pathways, investment needs, policy conditions and recommendations : report




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