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Disclaimer, data privacy and cookie policy

This disclaimer and privacy policy describe the collection, use and processing of personal data by the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP).


The European Steel Technology Platform, legally ‘ESTEP AISBL’, represents European steel stakeholders on the territory of the European Union.

ESTEP AISBL is an international not-for-profit organisation under Belgian law, based in Brussels. ESTEP’s official address is: 172 Avenue Cortenbergh, 1000, Brussels, Belgium

ESTEP’s members and observers are companies and associations of the steel value chain, research and technology organisations, universities, and representatives of society based throughout the EU.


ESTEP provides this website and any products, documents, and any materials provided through this website on an ‘as is’ basis without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, out of a course of dealing or usage, trade or otherwise including any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or use, title, or non-infringement.

Further, ESTEP does not represent or warrant that this website, the products, documents, or any materials provided here through will be free of defects, uninterrupted, accurate, complete, current, stable, or available at any time. This website and any products, documents, and any materials provided by ESTEP through this website may be modified or discontinued at any time by ESTEP.

To the extent permitted by law, in no event shall ESTEP be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, special, reliance, punitive or other damages or expenses of any kind, including but not limited to any loss of profits or revenue, interrupted business, lost business, or lost data, arising out of or related to this website, the use of this website, the products, documents, or any materials provided through this website.

Data privacy

ESTEP complies with EU data privacy rules as set out, inter alia, by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including as regards processing of personal data. If you believe ESTEP holds personal information about you, you are entitled to request this from us. Moreover, you can unsubscribe at any time and have yourself removed from the ESTEP database by writing to dataprivacy@estep.eu.

Your personal data is stored securely, is processed safely, and is used exclusively for ESTEP’s own purposes.

How and why ESTEP processes personal data:

  • The data we collect can include your organisation’s name, job title, first name, last name, telephone number, billing address, e-mail, photo, bio (if you are a speaker at one of our events), as well as where applicable, attendance at our meetings or events
  • Generally, we collect personal data directly from you, but we may sometimes obtain personal data from third parties such as directories or EU institutions websites
  • As an ESTEP member, or as an observer or as an external stakeholder you may provide us with personal data information when using our website, interacting with us on social media, registering for events or subscribing to updates about our organisation (for instance, via our mailing lists)
  • The information that you provide us with will be used for the purpose of contacting you, fulfilling your online requests or providing you with relevant and updated information about our organisation, its activities and positions.
  • ESTEP processes data for a variety of purposes, including membership, advocacy, media and journalistic, events and for information.
    • Membership: ESTEP processes personal data of the contact persons of its members for the purpose of administering or informing its membership or for the governance of the association. ESTEP also processes the personal data of representatives and contact persons of entities which have contractual obligations towards ESTEP, such as services providers or consultancies.
    • Advocacy: ESTEP conducts an advocacy activity – which is to say: representing common interests of its members related to research, technology and innovation. The association therefore processes contact details of journalists, Members of European Parliament, officials from the European Commission and from EU Member States, academics, consultants and industry experts.
    • Events: ESTEP runs regular events which require registration, and sometimes payment, by attendees. This process requires data to be processed in the creation of attendance lists, organisational purposes, security and compliance needs.
    • Informational: ESTEP processes the data of individuals that expressly register to receive information from ESTEP through its various mailing lists. These can be unsubscribed from at any time.
  • ESTEP will not share your data with third parties, including with ESTEP members and observers, unless required for the performance of certain duties (for instance, if you are the speaker at an event being organised by ESTEP, etc). ESTEP will never share your data with third parties for commercial reasons;
  • ESTEP will provide you with the personal data it has on file for you in a structured, machine-readable format on written request of the person concerned;
  • ESTEP will rectify, modify or completely delete your data on written request by the person concerned if the personal data is incorrect or incomplete;
  • You can object to the processing of your personal data by ESTEP at any time.
  • You have the right to obtain restriction of processing of your personal data. This right only applies in certain circumstances. You have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data in the following circumstances:
    • You contest the accuracy of the personal data;
    • The processing of your personal data is unlawful and you oppose the erasure of the personal data and requests the restriction instead;
    • ESTEP no longer needs your personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the personal data are required by you for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims;
    • You object to processing, pending the verification whether the legitimate grounds of ESTEP override yours.

If you have any concerns regarding ESTEP’s data privacy or processing policy, please write to:

The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP AISBL)
Avenue Cortenbergh 172,
1000 Brussels, Belgium
0032 (0)2 7387955
Klaus Peters, Secretary General


Cookies are files stored on your computer which enable us to track your computer’s use of ESTEP’s website.

ESTEP’s ‘main’ website and associated mini-sites, and those of third party contractors working on ESTEP’s behalf, use cookies because they are a means to collect technical information about your use for the purpose of improving and tailoring our website’s content to the user, facilitating its user-friendliness.

Among other, we use performance cookies that provide anonymous statistics about how our website is used (such as Google Analytics).