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ESTEP 2023 annual event: -a-circular-economy-driven-by-the-european-steel

2023 AnnualEvent CE Barcelona


Session 1 - Increasing recycle content : scrap, iron and residues

Keynote Lecture : Towards circularity in steel industry: a joint journey between industry and universities along multiple TRL levels - Inge Bellemans (UGent)
Increasing the recycling of steel scrap and scrap processing residues - Giovanni Bavestrelli (Tenova)
Circularity Enhancements by low quality Scrap Analysis and Refinement (CAESAR HEU project) - Jean-Christophe Pierret (CRM Group)
ReMFra – possibilities for residues from steel plants - Marco Simoni (RINA-CSM) & Wolfgang Reiter (K1-MET)
Circular Boron Steel: a Case Study on High Performance Materials for a Zero Emission Automobile Industry - Jaume Pujante (EURECAT)

Session 2 - Resource efficiency

Hot Oxygen Technology: Supporting Decarbonisation, Resource Efficiency, and Circular Economy Development - Esin Iplik (Linde)
Circular metallurgy: Valorizing valuable metals from Lithium-Ion Batteries in steel industrial symbiosis - Elizaveta Cheremisina (K1-MET)
Resource Efficiency Revolution: Swerim's Journey Towards a Circular Economy and Environmental Protection - Elsayed Mousa (SWERIM)

Session 3 - Materials recirculation : carbon carriers - Part 1

Keynote Lecture: Secondary carbon carriers for steel production: a comprehensive review - Filippo Cirilli (Rina-CSM)
The Torero project – Substituting fossil carbon with biomass in integrated steel plants - Bert Riems (ArcelorMittal)
Pilot tests with use of secondary material streams as replacement of fossil carbon and burnt lime in EAF steelmaking - Erik Sandberg (SWERIM)
BIOCode - BIOmass for COkemaking Decarbonization - Rosella Attrotto (Acciaierie d'Italia)
Pyrolyzed residual biomass as a substitutional fuel for iron ores sintering process - Wojtek Szulc (Łukasiewicz - GIT)
Flowsheet model for the prediction of the effects of the use of renewable non-fossil carbon sources in electric arc furnace - Valentina Colla (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)

Session 4 - Materials recirculation : carbon carriers and slags - Part 2

Tenova's dry slag granulation process: the experience of Pittini group on LF slag - Marta Guzzon (Tenova)
The HYMET project - Jon Ander Erdozain (CELSA Group)
Prediction of slags composition through digital tools for scenario analyses and for enhancing circular usage of slags - Antonella Zaccara & Alice Petrucciani (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
Replace coal with densified polymers from waste plastic in EAF: an industrial application - Loredana Di Sante (Rina-CSM) & Enrico Malfa (Tenova)


Opening: Circular Economy in RFCS, Big Tickets Steel and beyond -  Novelties in funding opportunities - Sebastiano Fumero (REA)

Session 5 - Circularity of other resources than steel

Pilot demonstration of carbon capture and utilization technology to close the carbon cycle in the steel industry - Michael Derntl & Irmela Kofler (K1-MET)
CO2 (CCUS) focus on capture & usage - Sanjeev Manocha (Lanzatech)
Blast furnace gas and Basic Oxygen Furnace gas exploitation in steel Reheating Furnaces - Revamping of ArcelorMittal España Reheating Furnaces’ - Andrea Turolo (SMS Group)
Enabling and spreading water circularity in steelworks through digital tools - Ismael Matino (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
Laboratory tests to evaluate hydrogen production using slag and surplus heat generated in steel facilities. Preliminary results - Giuseppe Campo (Politecnico de Torino)

Session 6 - Digital solutions and workforce empowerment - Part 1

Keynote Lecture : Digital tools paving the way to circular economy in the European steel sector through new business models - Valentina Colla (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
Skills for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency - Antonius Schröder (Dortmund University)
Effects of Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency in terms of new skills requirement in the steel sector - Teresa Branca (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)

Session 7 - Digital solutions and industrial solutions - Part 2

Enablers and barriers for Steel – Cement symbiosis in a case study of H2 Green Steel - Erland Nylund (SWERIM)
InSGeP - Slags from Next Generation Steel Making Processes – Suitable for established Applications? - David Algermissen (FEhS)
Overview of Recent Research Activities on Circular Economy in the Iron and Steel Industry at the Process Metallurgy Research Unit, University of Oulu - Rita Kallio & Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen (University of Oulo)
Cement 2 Zero: Steel & Cement Circularity. EAF Transformation - a UK research collaboration - Patricio A. Burdiles (University of Cambridge) & Eoin Bailey (Celsa Group)
European Steel: playing a key role in technological innovation, self-reliance, ethics, and circularity of more than steel alone - Harmen Oterdoom (Butter Bridge BV)