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The European steel industry’s ‘green’ future to be discussed in Bergamo

Brussels/Bergamo, 13 November 2019 – ‘Green steel thanks to Electric Arc Furnaces’. This is the topic of the conference organised by the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP), taking place in Bergamo, Italy on 13-14 November.

“The European steel industry leads the world in shaping the circular economy and developing low environmental impact steelmaking technologies”, said Klaus Peters, Secretary General of ESTEP.

ESTEP, the cooperative research platform for technological innovation in the European steel industry, chose Bergamo as the location for the Green steel by EAF route: a sustainable value chain in the EU Circular Economy scenario workshop at which the future of the European steel industry will be discussed.

“This is an important event that highlights the European steel industry’s determination to help build a ‘carbon neutral’ economy by 2050”, said Flavio Bregant, Director of Federacciai.

Over two days the Green steel by EAF route workshop will transform Bergamo into the capital of green technology for European steel production. The event will be a special opportunity for steel producers and their stakeholders to share expertise. Collaborative action and technological innovation projects that could make the European steel industry more competitive and environmentally-friendly will be presented.

November 13 will be dedicated to visiting the TenarisDalmine site, itself an example of a ‘green’ production cycle. The following day, four key topics will be discussed among the attending steel industry and environmental experts: scrap management, decarbonisation, energy efficiency and the circular economy.

“We have very high expectations for this event. Indeed, it will be underlining the together strong green credentials of the EAF route; we are working together on solutions to make climate-neutral steelmaking a reality”, added Mr Peters.

The main sponsors of the workshop are: Danieli Automation, Federacciai, Ori Martin, Rina, Tenaris and Tenova.