The EAF-based steelmaking plays a fundamental role in the decarbonization of steel production, being at the core of the “circularity of steel” as well as strategic for the application of CDA and SCU technologies. The average potential CO2 savings in EAF-based steelmaking is related to the integration of non-fossil and renewable energy sources, modular heating technologies and alternative heat recovery.

Demands and overall project objectives

The EAF steelmaking process needs to adapt to new challenges:

  • change from fossil C and energy sources to bio-based C and green H2;
  • use of different iron carriers from first grade scrap to more DRI/HBI with various C-content and low-grade scrap;
  • decrease of heat/energy losses with advanced/modular recovery technologies and advanced control systems;
  • material valorization considering by-products changes.

Therefore, the main project objective is to to demonstrate the integration of non-fossil fuels and renewable C-sources in EAF processes to decrease CO2 emissions and dependence from fossil energy and C-sources markets by also focusing on improvement of heat recovery solutions.

Technical objectives

Transferability of the GreenHeatEAF solutions are ensured by different business cases belonging to the several industrial partners. The technical objectives of the project aims to:

  • Integration of non-fossil gases flows in EAF processes with different charge materials and configurations towards GHG reduction and green transition of steelmaking
  • Development of modular regenerative and alternative heating technologies for increasing in-process heat recovery from off-gases and maximizing slag latent heat exploitation for their valorization.
  • Demonstration of the technical feasibility of biomass/biochar exploitation for non-fossil energy intake in EAF process ;
  • Coupling of novel measurement techniques and optimized control strategies to manage exploitation and facilitate integration of novel non-fossil heat/energy sources and streams.


This project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement NUMBER — 101092328 — GreenHeatEAF

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