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Midterm conference of the European Steel Skills Alliance (ESSA) : Skills and jobs in the future-proven steel industry" 2021-05-27 - 2021-05-28

Join the ESSA Intermediary Conference on the topic of "Skills and Jobs in the Future-Proven Steel Industry", which will take place on 27 & 28 May 2021.


RFCS REUSteel project webinars 2021-06-14 - 2021-06-16

*Join the RFCS dissemination project REUSteel webinar series on European projects dealing with reuse and recycling of residual materials in the Steel sector.*

5th ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days) 2021-08-30 - 2021-09-02

12th European Electric Steelmaking Conference 2021-09-12 - 2021-09-14

Sheffield, UK


Postponed - ESTEP Low carbon heating technologies: current state & outlook online event 2021-10-15 - 2021-11-05

Join our Focus Group Low Carbon & Energy Efficiency online event on "Low carbon heating technologies: current state & outlook".

EUSEW2021 cleansteel hydrogen

EUSW: Clean Steel with Hydrogen 2021-10-18


ESTEP contribution at the extended programme of the EU Sustainable Energy Week : 'Clean Steel with Hydrogen'

IT Steelmaster 2021

Steelmaster 2021 2021-10-25 - 2021-11-26


*Steelmaster course : Italian edition *

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Climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe – technology, financing and policy conditions 2021-11-09 - 2021-11-10

Online conference

Green Steel for Europe final conference

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Clean Steel Partnership 2nd brokerage event (ESTEP members only) 2021-11-17


Save the date for the second Clean Steel Partnership brokerage event : 17 November 2021

Sustainability WS

ESTEP webinar : Sustainable Development Goals in the Steel Industry 2021-11-26

Join our webinar on "Sustainable Development Goals in the Steel Industry".